ALL FANS PARTY Music, dance, sausages, pool, wine, beer and friends... Party of the summer!
Techno toys We test all the new technology. When it entertains us, we know that it will entertain people in our campaigns.
TRIAD ski-trip and other common trips
office in Prague at I.P. Pavlova
great people We are friends who do something nice before going to the pub.
Wine and beer
missing part Do you belong here?

Right now we're not looking for anybody

This is a strange state we're enjoying because we know it won't last long. Please do let us know what you did and what you want to do. You may hear from us really soon.

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TRIAD Advertising

TRIAD Advertising
Brigádnická 27
Bratislava - Devín
Tel: +421 (0) 948 735 666

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