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In TRIAD we are not divided into digital and non-digital people or into creative and non-creative ones. Creative professionals, account managers and social media specialists work on assignments together, side by side. From the very beginning, creative processes are shared by all employees, from copywriters to programmers.

We do things in a way that makes sense to us, makes us happy, pleases our clients, leads to the results speaking for themselves, and makes us feel good at work. Despite receiving a number of awards we are well aware that we're not advertising kings of the world, which is actually not our goal.

What we do

We're looking for innovative and effective solutions to marketing challenges and tasks. The outcome may include a big integrated campaign including TV spots, radio, outdoor, prints, PR and digital, brand creation communication strategy adjustments, or small online campaign, social media communication, mobile app, etc. Sometimes, the right solution is not even the advertising one.

We are not working just for money, as you cannot buy excitement. We are not motivated only by creative awards, as advertising is not supposed to be solely nice and funny. And we don't do things that do not make sense, as such work is useless. Doing things not complying with our moral values would actually mean working just for money.


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Creativity is intelligence having fun


Independent Slovak advertising agency Integrating creative, social, and account teams Established in 2005 Branches in Bratislava and Prague Employing over 45 people Working for brands in over 10 countries Dog & baby friendly Organising All Fans Party

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TRIAD Advertising

TRIAD Advertising
Brigádnická 27
Bratislava - Devín
Tel: +421 (0) 948 735 666

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